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    Sydney turned on a nice weekend

    I went up to Sydney last week for a work conference. (Excellent conference, by the way, and the closing keynote speaker, Mike Monteiro, gave an wonderful, thought-provoking speech about ethics... Read more →

    Taking my work home

    I try to leave work at work when I leave the office for the day, but how can I not use this technique from work (card sorting), when we’re redesigning... Read more →

    Leveling up as a writer

    Leveling up in computer games is a process whereby a character gains enough points or experience to unlock a whole new level in the game. Writers level up too.  The... Read more →

    A couple of quick things

    Giveaway finishes at the end of this month We’re running a Goodreads giveaway. One lucky reader can win a copy of all three books. If you’re interested, head over to... Read more →