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    Went to see Justice League

    Series fatigue. It gets to us all in the end. I love superhero movies.  But I didn’t see either of the big superhero movies of 2016.  Batman vs Superman, or... Read more →

    Christmas Santas

    We stopped in the township of Donald the other day. Very hot, very dry. I always think the Wimmera/Mallee in summer is another world.  And it wasn’t even summer then,... Read more →

    A nice story

    Our garden is overgrown with weeds at the moment. Helen, who used to do our weeding for us, retired some months ago.  She was eighty-one years old. She started weeding... Read more →

    Halloween came late to our house

    Growing up, Halloween was a weird celebration other countries (US, and maybe Canada) celebrated. We didn’t. Over the years, Halloween has become a thing, here, with parents buying scary costumes... Read more →