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Answers to last week’s wizardly books

Answers to last week’s quiz.  All of these books had one thing in common. They had wizards in them.

Just in case you come onto the quiz late, I’m not going to put the questions here.   Which sort of defeats the purpose, I know, but go look up the questions if you’re curious.

I have also put the answers below the fold, so if you do want to do the quiz, you won’t accidentally see them.

You can’t have a wizardly quiz without a Diana Wynne Jones story in it.  In fact, if we extended the quiz to enchanters, witches and wizards you could base the whole quiz around characters from Diana’s stories.  This one was Howl’s Moving Castle.  Wizard Howl, who started off as plain Howell Jenkins.

  • This is from Sage Blackwood‘s Jinx. I’ve been waiting impatiently for book three in this series (Jinx’s Fire) to come out, but it’s sitting on my iPad right now, because we have a deadline, and I’ve promised myself I can’t read it until we’ve delivered.
  • Harry Dresden, from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.
  • Sarah Prineas, The Magic Thief.
  • Interestingly, someone I expected to know the answer to this, didn’t. The answer was Gandalf, from Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings. I haven’t read these books in 20 years, but I did see the movies. Now I’m wondering if the whole grey/white thing was made more of in the movie than it was in the books.

Note that I didn’t put that boy wizard in. He was a bit too obvious.

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Three out of five right, questions 1, 3 & 5. But you don’t think question one was as obvious as the boy wizard?

Wouldn’t it be nice if question 1 was as obvious as the boy wizard. I’d love to see that happen.
p.s. For question 4, I nearly added, “My scarf is on Ravelry”.

In this house Howl is probably more obvious
than the spectacled one.

Still wouldn’t have got Q4, even with the knitting hint.

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