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Cool weather – hooray


Not much of a blog today. We’re both recovering from a drive north.  The temperature up there was 42.3 C (108F), and we had no air conditioning in the car.

Hot is an understatement.

The drive back today was bliss, for the weather had changed.

Actually got a couple of story ideas out of it. Extreme weather conditions. We’ll let them germinate a while, see if any characters attach themselves to the story. If, in a few years time, you get a story from us about the weather, you’ll know this was where it started.

I’m off to have a snooze. It was too hot to sleep last night.


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Good heavens, where were you?! I live in Southern California, and it sounds like you were in the desert or something, but since you wrote the temp in centigrade I’m guessing you live outside the U.S. We’re so lucky to be having a cool, wet winter and I’m enjoying every minute of it, because soon the weather will be boringly, annoyingly, unendingly hot and sunny.


We’re in Melbourne, Australia, where the weather is usually okay. But that particular week half of Australia had temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius, many up to 45C. Our mother lives on the edge of all that (better than where she used to live, where it had been 45C for a week straight).

The funny thing is, this week we’re holidaying in Vietnam. Everyone told us the weather would be horribly hot and muggy, but it’s beautiful. Around 25C (77F). Perfect weather for holidaying.

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