Do you want to win a copy of the Linesman audio book?

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  1. biki209 - Reply

    Not to whine but any chance of seeing a book being offered as a giveaway or an ebook? I’m really surprised there’s no release party notices or anything to promote the book.

    • Karen - Reply

      Timely comment, because guess what’s coming in a few more days. Keep an eye on this site, on Goodreads, and on AceRoc books twitter feed and/or Facebook.
      Lots of books to give away.

      That’s for the US. We’ll run our own Goodreads giveaway for the rest of the world once we get our own books. (It feels like we got our copies so much earlier last time around. 🙂 We’ve only sighted the one in the wild, as it were, so far. That was sent to us by our editor, Anne.)

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