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Electronic money

It’s traditional, at work that when someone leaves you sign their card and put in a couple of dollars into the envelope for a going-away present.  The other day, as I signed a card for a workmate who’s leaving, I realised I had no money.  No money as in no coins (or notes).  I hadn’t had, in fact, for at least two months.  I’d been paying for everything by card.

I scrambled around in my bag, and then in my drawer, and finally found two dollars that had dropped to the bottom.

Then tonight, on a trip up to Sydney for work, I noticed that nearly all the passengers who tried to buy alcohol, bar two, changed their mind when they were told it was cash only.

They didn’t have any cash.

Neither did I, until I stopped at the ATM on the way, but it’s amazing how quickly, as a society, we’ve come around to being almost cashless.

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