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A rethink on forcing your characters into readers’ expectations

Last month I wrote about how I frustrated I was that the screenwriters for the movie Invincibles 2 forced the characters into an ending simply because viewers expected it, rather than remaining true to the characters they had created.

I’ve had a month to think about, and realise that maybe I’m the one forcing my expectations on the film, rather than the other way around.

What made me change my mind?

One of my current favourite authors decided to write a Christmas short story based around his two most popular characters.  On his Facebook page he asked his readers to suggest ideas for the story.  The ideas came thick and fast.

I didn’t like a single one of them.

To me, many of the things these readers suggested were totally inappropriate for the characters as I knew and loved them.

Sound familiar?

I thought so too.

All I can do is cross my fingers and hope, please Dear Author, do not listen to these people. I love your ideas. Write the story you want to write, not the one we want you to.

And maybe stop trying to force my version of the Invincibles 2 onto the world.

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