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GenreCon 2013 – Take 2

This year, we headed to sunny Brisbane saying goodbye (temporarily) to the cold weather in Melbourne.

First things first.  Melbourne, why don’t you have an airtrain? Sydney does, Brisbane does. Instead we squashed onto a crowded bus and wove through crowded traffic out to Tullamarine airport. Arrive at Brisbane and enjoy a relaxed train ride into the city and a quick, two block walk to our hotel.

A shower, snack at the bar and off to register. Well, to find out where we were supposed to go for the GenreCon opening reception really, but registered at the same time. Nice and easy.

After the meet and greet, we meander back toward the hotel along the river. We know we should do the right thing and head to the bar—after all, GenreCon is about networking with likeminded people—but we needed time out. At Southbank, a night market is in full swing and the atmosphere is festival-like. The weather is warm and there is the most wonderful cool breeze straight off the water. Perfect for two weary Melburnians. Finally felt like I was away.

GenreCon 2013 moments in no particular order. And not necessarily all at the GenreCon event itself. If Chuck Wendig can do a top 25, I can do a top 10.

  1. Did you know John Scalzi looks better in a kimono that Chuck Wendig? (John, blame Chuck for that one.)
  2. The water pressure. It has been so long since I had a shower with decent water pressure it was worth mentioning. Thank you Rydges Southbank Brisbane
  3. That awful moment when drying my hair on a pristine white towel and realised that the hair dye was colouring the towel red. Very, very red. (Sorry Rydges)
  4. John Connolly, fantastic speaker. I didn’t want your talk to end. It must be the Irish in you. Almost, (only almost) wanted to go and read a Charlie Parker novel. Maybe I’ll try one of the young adult novels instead as they might not be so bloodthirsty. In the meantime, I keep repeating to myself ‘don’t hit send.
  5. Kathryn Fox, who made me cry with that little opening scene from ‘Up’. Another brilliant speaker.
  6. Meg Vann, Peter Ball and the Ninjas, who made the whole event happen. They did a fabulous job running and organising the whole thing. Thank you.
  7. Alex Adsett, who talked about contract and negotiations and was so very approachable.
  8. Sarah Fairhall for listening to Karen pitch and Rochelle Fernandez for putting up with me. Not sure I want to go through that experience again. It took me ages to recover. Strong coffee was the order of the day afterwards and I don’t like strong coffee. I still shake when I think about it. Whoever said pitching was easy. Caitlin, I don’t envy your job one iota.
  9. Kez, a fellow writer who we spent ages chatting with over the breakfast table post-con. I am really going to have to learn to play the drums. Kez writes erotica, a tad different to SF but it didn’t matter. Kez who told us that a drop of peppermint oil at the back of your tongue and holding your head up will help if you lose your voice when you speak in front of people. Will have to try it and see if it works).
  10. Brisbane weather. Has been fabulous. Couldn’t ask for a better introduction to Brisbane.

Karen’s take is here.

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