More days pass

Are you still in lock-down? Our restrictions were easing—first we could go out in groups of five, then up to twenty—but once people started going out, infections started to rise. Here in Victoria we had seventy-five new cases overnight, which is our fourth-highest ever daily total.

I did go to the shops yesterday, however. I went early, as I’d seen the pictures of the crowded shopping centre near us. I have to say, yesterday everyone was social distancing really well. But the numbers are still going up. And people are starting to hoard toilet paper again. You’d think we’d have learned from the first time around.

I’m staying put a while longer. I’m not getting much exercise, but at least it’s warm inside.

We’re settling down into a better writing rhythm, which is nice. COVID-19 certainly interrupted that. For a while it seemed as we couldn’t write anything. All our old ideas came across as junk, and as for new ideas—they didn’t happen. Now we’re writing more consistently, the ideas are coming more consistently, too. Lovely little gems that we want to write now.

That’s the writer’s life, isn’t it. Pretties, all around, trying to distract you.

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Yeah I live in Leicester, England and whilst the rest of the UK is easing restrictions we’ve been forced into a local lockdown due to a rise in the number of cases here. My partner is a doctor and has said “well obviously as Leicester was getting additional testing capacity so you would naturally see more cases if you’re doing more testing” so it’s taking its toll as all I seem to do is the same very narrow routine and I’m definitely getting more round :o)

Good news is more reading so have just finished Stars Beyond, absolutely loved it and now need to either find something new or go for the comfort of tried and tested. New books from “my authors” (I’m not good at reading new things, I get used to an authors “voice” and so worry I’m not going to like a new author I’ve not read before) in August and November and just popped to amazon and new Jim Butcher book in two weeks so definitely need to keep free time for that so tried and tested it is as I can put it down if I haven’t finished by the time a new release comes out.

Right need to stop babbling! Stay safe

Glad you enjoyed Stars Beyond.

I’m getting quite picky in my reading. Outside of my tried and true authors (Jim Butcher … more Cinder Spires, please) I’m looking for fresh ideas. If the blurb on the back of a book sounds same-old, same-old (e.g. prince(ss) disinherited, fighting to get back throne) then I go past it, no matter how highly my reader friends recommend it.

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