Writing process

Writing love scenes: it’s not easy

I have found something we do worse than fight scenes.

Love scenes.

We often put romance in our stories but we’ve always tiptoed around the edges as it were. In our latest novel*, however, we needed a couple of scenes where the characters needed to go just that little bit further.

We took three days. It’s a public holiday here so it was three solid working days for two scenes. I wrote one draft, Sherylyn fixed that, then I fixed hers, and she fixed mine. Around and around for three solid days. Too much. Too little. Too crass. Too soft.

In the end we managed around 500 words for each scene, and both scenes are getting there, even if they’re not perfect yet.

But boy they were hard to write.

* Our latest work is Kidnap Me One If You Have To, also known by our working title of Edmund. We tend to use working tiles based on the name of our main character, or one of the characters integral to the story.

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