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One month to GenreCon 2013

One month to GenreCon 2013. We both had such a good time last year we’re going back. We even blogged about it (here and here).

The things that stay in my mind twelve months later aren’t the things we blogged about. What I remember now are the little things, like the young waiter serving drinks the night of the cocktail party who asked, “Are all these people published writers?”

“Some of them are,” we told him. “Some of us aren’t yet, but we want to be.”

Seriously, that young kid wouldn’t have taken much encouragement to become a writer himself. (Sherylyn planned to blog about incidents like this before we go this time, but she’s busy, busy, busy doing tax. Never get in the way of a lady doing her tax return, especially not when she’s helping me fill out mine as well.)

Like I say, we’re both going back. It was lots of fun, and we met lots of interesting people all interested in the same things we’re interested in. What more can you ask?

If you’re going, we’ll see you there.

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