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I came across this blog post (from back in June). I hope K. Eason doesn’t object to my reproducing quite a large chunk of her post. This one’s for the Ann Leckie fans, and the Mad Max fans, and for all of us who name our electronic devices.

It was a dilemma

… what to call the new laptop. Furiosa, because FURIOSA … but I wasn’t sure I needed that kind of anger (and tendency toward violence) in a working machine. Also, the cybernetic limb made me a little nervous. I don’t want bits falling off.

… Then I remembered Ancillary Justice. So then it came down to Justice of Toren, or Breq, or OneEsk …

So OneEsk, it is. But I swear, if this machine starts singing, I’m outta here.

K. Eason Mythistori

K. Eason has two books, Enemy and Outlaw, coming out from 47North in 2016.

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