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    Progress report January 2019

    Book news.  We have a new publication date for Stars Beyond. It’s 22 October 2019* 20 January 2020. We’re looking forward to it. We have also seen the cover, which we can’t show you yet. Love it. The completed rewrite of Stars Beyond is due at the end of January.  Sherylyn has her headphones on,... Read more →

    We survived pub day

    Amazing nature Let no one tell you that the internet is a waste of time.  You learn things on the internet. The other day on Twitter @rainbow1973 posted an image of a rainbow eucalyptus tree. Rainbow eucalyptus?  Australia is the land of the eucalypt, but I had never heard of them. It turns out that... Read more →

    Email interviews coming soon

    Tuesday is book release day.  It’s coming fast. We spent the last week answering interview questions. We’ll let you know where to find the interviews (if you’re interested, that is), once we know the links. To date, they’ve mostly been email interviews. That is, the interviewer sends us a list of questions and we answer... Read more →

    Read chapter one of Stars Uncharted

    Only four weeks until Stars Uncharted is published.  Eek. It feels like only yesterday that we tentatively sent off three sample novels to our agent to say, “Which one do you think we should work with?” Her answer, “Well, that was easy.” And that’s how Stars Uncharted came about.  If you’re interested, you can read... Read more →