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    Cover art for Stars Uncharted

    Having a book published takes time, but there are landmarks along the way. Selling the book. That’s a given. Signing the contract, which can often happen later than you expect it to. Delivery and acceptance, which is when your editor finally says, “Yes, I’m happy with the edits you have made to this book.” Copy... Read more →

    First sighting in the wild

    Look. Amazon page. Stars Uncharted. It hasn’t got a cover yet. We have seen what the cover will (maybe) look like, but our lips are sealed. Oh, and it has a date. 14 August 2018. Read more →

    Confluence – $1.99 at all good e-tailers

    Right now, Confluence is $1.99 at all good e-tailers. As an added bonus, Linesman is $2.99. This means that if you wish, all three books in the series are available for a grand total of $10.97. As one of our famous music ambassadors here in Australia used to say when he was spruiking new releases,... Read more →

    Two years since Linesman was published

    30 June is the end of the financial year in Australia.  Tax time.  (It’s not the day we need to have our taxes in, it’s the date the last financial year ends, so we can start getting our taxes together.) Both Sherylyn and I work in industries where end-of-financial-year has a big impact.  It’s a... Read more →

    Aurealis Awards

    Came home tonight to find we’ve been shortlisted for the Aurealis Awards for best sci-fi novel. It’s such an unexpected honor to be nominated. We’re almost expecting them to come back and say, “Oops, mistake. Sorry.” Unexpected, but not unwanted. We’re thrilled to be in such exalted company. Look at the competition. Congratulations to everyone... Read more →