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    Email interviews coming soon

    Tuesday is book release day.  It’s coming fast. We spent the last week answering interview questions. We’ll let you know where to find the interviews (if you’re interested, that is), once we know the links. To date, they’ve mostly been email interviews. That is, the interviewer sends us a list of questions and we answer... Read more →

    Read chapter one of Stars Uncharted

    Only four weeks until Stars Uncharted is published.  Eek. It feels like only yesterday that we tentatively sent off three sample novels to our agent to say, “Which one do you think we should work with?” Her answer, “Well, that was easy.” And that’s how Stars Uncharted came about.  If you’re interested, you can read... Read more →

    Japanese versions of Linesman

    The Japanese versions of Linesman arrived in the mail the other day. They’re so tiny and cute.  Smaller than a paperback and half as thick. Look at the covers. If you put them together, as we have above, they combine to make one long picture. With the help of Google translate and a helpful reader... Read more →

    Progress report

    I pulled a muscle in my back this morning while cleaning the bath.  I’d like to say it’s living proof that writers shouldn’t do housework, but unfortunately the reality is that this particular writer hasn’t been doing enough of anything active, housework included, to keep herself supple. Many writers are notoriously bad at keeping fit.... Read more →

    The internet is a writer’s research paradise

    But first … a Goodreads giveaway. The advanced reader copies (ARCs) for Stars Uncharted arrived at the editor’s office the other day. We haven’t seen them yet, but our editor says they look good. Then, lo and behold, Sherylyn is searching Goodreads and what does she see? A giveaway. ARCs for Stars Uncharted. The Ace... Read more →