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Quiz: Science fiction and fantasy covers

Sherylyn is on the engagement committee at her workplace, and recently they had a competition they call ‘I Spy’. You take a photo of part of an object in the workplace (usually close-up) and the teams have to guess the object is. I’ve adapted their competition to create a quiz on book covers.

We’ll show you part of a book cover. You tell us, in the comments, which books these are from.

To make it easier we have restricted it to:

  • Novels that were published, or will be published, between 2018 and 2020. Some of these novels are coming, not yet available. Dates are from, so North American publish date.
  • Science fiction and fantasy only.
  • The covers are available on That is, US covers, rather than UK (or Australian or any other country).
  • Covers may be paperback, hardcover or Kindle.

There are twelve book covers below. Answers next week.

twelve book covers

(Sherylyn says the work prizes were a box of chocolates. We can’t send out chocolates, so we’ll eat the chocolates for you. Sounds fair? No?)

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