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Here on the blog I do try to vary the subjects and not always talk about the pandemic but you can’t ignore life, and for all of us at the moment COVID-19 has certainly had a big impact on our lives. Most of it has been disruptive.  We, personally, have been lucky in that way. We are fed, we are employed (although Sherylyn is retiring), we are relatively protected and so far our family has been safe.

Like many, that doesn’t mean the pandemic hasn’t affected us. From a writing point-of-view we struggled, and we’re only really getting back into it now.  Plus it has changed our life in some ways.

That change hasn’t all been bad.  My savings have increased.  Increased a lot, in fact, which has made me realise just how much I was spending on things like eating out and other non-essential items.

Best of all, my priorities have changed. What was important before is less so now. Being alive is important. Being—relatively—healthy is important. Having a roof over my head and food to eat is important. As for the rest, chill, as they say, and take what comes.

It’s incredibly freeing.

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Agreed. So many of my priorities have shifted, which is a silver lining in the midst of a pretty overwhelming storm.

Ha I’m the opposite I spend when I’m low and being stuck in all the time has been a struggle for me. I often don’t want to cook so buy takeaways and then also visit Amazon A LOT 😂 now I’m trying to curb my spending. At the beginning of pandemic the not having to commute resulted in me have a lot of spare cash to set up a nice home office (desk monitor etc) but now I’m always in my overdraft and may need to start commuting again so need petrol money. Must. Stop. Spending lol

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