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We’re good about backing up our story files now, but …

I said to Sherylyn the other day, “One thing I haven’t backed up in a while are our emails. I’ll do it on the weekend.”

Saturday morning, I turn on my computer and nothing works. Well, actually, everything works except that the computer isn’t coming on. The red light is flashing, the fan is whirring, but it’s not registering on the home network and nothing is coming up on the screen.

The computer is seven or eight years old, which is ancient for a computer. I’d planned on replacing it this year, anyway. Suddenly, that moved up on the list of importance.

Got the new computer. We backup regularly, so I didn’t lose many writing files, but I did lose my mails. Luckily we both keep our agent and editor emails, so Sherylyn can give me copies of those. We also both had copies of the email from a relative who’s also a writer (YA fantasy) which I was going to answer this weekend.

Not so bad.

The only thing I couldn’t get back was the tax invoices, which Sherylyn has been asking for all week.

And our tickets to GenreCon, which is on next weekend.

Tax invoices, hmmm.

For GenreCon—I’ll send an email the people at Queensland Writers’ Centre and ask for copies, but I imagine they will be very busy this week.

I hope they let us in without our tickets.

I enjoy GenreCon. I’ve blogged about it before. It’s great to get together with a group of other writers and talk writing (among other things). And they’re all genre writers, so you get a mix of romance, fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery/crime, thriller and other writers.

You also get a mix of writers just starting out, people part-way along the road to being published, and published writers. It’s a good mix to talk to.

Not, I confess, that I’m good at talking to people. I’m a typical writer in that way. So if you see me at GenreCon and I’m a little awkward, just keep talking. If I see you at GenreCon and you’re the same, I’ll keep talking too. Because meeting other people who want to write, or are in writing industry, is what’s it’s all about.

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