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Writers writing together

We’re always interested in how other writers co-write together, and thus read Eric Del Carlo’s roundtable on Locus—When Is the Right Time to Collaborate—with interest.

Eric collaborated with his father. He wrote one character’s point-of-view. His father, Victor, wrote the other.  As Eric says

… was it smart for Vic and I to write a book together? On paper, hell no. It was the endeavor of madmen. You can’t hope to collude on an intricate, character driven novel without an anatomizing outline. A person doesn’t wait until he’s in his post-stroke seventies to make his push at being a novelist. No one does that. I was foolish to suggest it.

Yet we did it. The time was all wrong, but the magic was just right.

We didn’t plan our own writing partnership either. We just ended up writing together.

While I would encourage writers to come up with an agreement and a plan before they start writing together, sometimes it seems that the ones that just ‘happen’ work out the best.

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