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A writing course that impresses

I have mentioned before what I think about writing courses, and how my experience to date with universities hasn’t been much good.

This year Sherylyn started a part-time writing course at the local TAFE. From what she has told me, it sounds pretty good.

She chose three subjects:

  • Writing and editing
  • Photography for writers
  • Web design.

In ‘Photography for writers’ she learns how to use a camera and take photos for articles. She also has to write the articles that go with the photographs. They will be marked on the article as well as on the photography. After all, this is a professional writing course.

Likewise with ‘Web design’. Here they are asked to create web pages, and put content on them. Again, they will be marked not just on their ability to create the web pages, but on the content they include. After all, this is a professional writing course.

So far, I’m impressed.

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