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Alliance book cover

We saw the final artwork for the cover of Alliance today.

It’s awesome.

The cover of book two, Alliance
The cover of book two, Alliance

The artist is Bruce Jensen again. He did the Linesman cover too, and the two covers look great side-by-side.

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I’ve just finished “Linesmen” and it was fantastic! I’m glad that you’re well on your way to the sequel.

Bought and finished Linesman on audible and finished it in two days. very compelling story-telling. looking forward to the next!

So enjoyed Linesman. What a great new take. Can’t wait for the sequel! The audiobook was terrific!

Read Linesman after seeing a positive review on Ilona Andrews’ blog. Or, more accurately, inhaled it in a day! Loved the story and the characters. 2016 is too far away!!

What a wonderful surprise, Linesmen was a recommendation by Amazon ‘clever Amazon’.
I was excited to read a book by new authors and very quickly realised that it was a book of quality with new and refreshing ideas that dispelled any feeling of disbelief wrapping me up in this new world.
Characterisations drew me in and held me captivated throughout the novel, I really started to care about Ean early on which was a good sign. I think there is something fascinating about the ‘lines’ and I look forward to discovering more about them in the next in the series. The third book read on my new Kindle Voyage and it felt so right!
They sure like their tea! As do I 🙂

Thanks Martin. Glad you liked the story.

A bit of trivia about the tea. We put the tea in glasses because all the cafes around here used to put their tea in glasses too. Our editor queried it, but let us keep it in the book. By the time the book was published — not one cafe used glasses any more.

I am a long time science fiction reader with hundreds of books under my belt. The Linesman is, in my humble opinion, the most exciting idea to come along in a long, long time. I very much look forward to learning more about the lines, Ean, the aliens and their ships, and the new alliance. Keep ’em coming, please!

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