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Answers to What Cat Am I

Our latest quiz was about cats. Real cats, feline aliens, people with cat names. You name it, we had it.

Answers are hidden below the fold, so if you still want to do the quiz go to What Cat Am I.

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1. I was a fiddle, turned into a cat using someone’s life

There’s always a Diana Wynne Jones question in our quizzes. It’s almost obligatory. This one was from Charmed Life, the first of her Chrestomanci Books. Technically, it was a violin, not a fiddle, but they called the cat Fiddle.

2. I was nearly left behind at the cat shelter, but I now live in a magical inn

This one is unpublished, but it’s from Sweep in Peace, book #2 of Illona AndrewsInnkeeper Chronicles. You could read it as they wrote it.

3. I join forces with a human who travels into the unknown in a test for survival

Because we mentioned Andre Norton in the intro to the quiz, you should have expected an Andre Norton question. This one was Mark of the Cat.

4. I have strong opinions which I am always willing to voice. I also have a keeper. Or rather, the keeper has me. Whatever

Summon the Keeper by Tanya Huff.  Summon the Keeper isn’t my favourite Tanya Huff book. But if you to read soft military sci-fi (if there’s such a thing), I highly recommend her Confederation books. I also love the Tony Foster books.

5. A plague is ravaging our planet and killing us all. The cure may be in a song

The second of our feline alien books. This is a Star Trek novel, Uhuru’s Song, by Janet Kagan. It feels like a Mary Sue in that one of the main characters is not a Star Trek regular, but I don’t think it’s meant to be. And it’s one of our favourite all-time Star Trek novels.

6. I earned my name from my green eyes with slitted pupils. I can see in the dark

Joan D. Vinge’s Psion.  I re-read Catspaw (book 2 in the series) often.

7. Get off my tail or I’ll smother you in your sleep

Mr Snuggly, from Charlaine Harris’ Midnight Crossroads.  He’s such a cat cat, a rarity in a talking cat.

8. All the dogs in the neighborhood are scared of me. I send them running

If you have children you may have recognised this one. It’s a classic. Scarface Claw, the big tom that scares all the dogs in Lynley Dodds’ Hairy Maclary From Donaldson’s Dairy.  For years I thought Hairy Maclary lived on a dairy farm. But a dairy is the term New Zealanders use for what we in Australia for a milk bar. I’m not sure what the equivalent is in other countries. Convenience store? It’s the little shop you used to go to buy your milk and bread.

9. My son, Morgan, loved being a kitten. When we got turned back into humans he was most upset

Yes. We had two Diana Wynne Jones’ books in here. This is from Castle in the Air, the sequel to Howl’s Moving Castle.

10. I have razor sharp claws. I travel around in a shopping cart wheeled by my owner.

Last, but by no means least, Guilty, from Johnny and the Bomb, from the incomparable Terry Pratchett.


How many did you get right?

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