Aurealis Awards

Came home tonight to find we’ve been shortlisted for the Aurealis Awards for best sci-fi novel.

It’s such an unexpected honor to be nominated. We’re almost expecting them to come back and say, “Oops, mistake. Sorry.”

Unexpected, but not unwanted. We’re thrilled to be in such exalted company.

Look at the competition.

Congratulations to everyone else for their nominations. (And not just the sci-fi novel. There’s some great stuff here.)



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  1. snapdragon - Reply

    Crossing my fingers for you both. Good luck and congrats on the nomination.

  2. MarthaE - Reply

    Congratulations on making the short list. Well deserved in my reading opinion. I just posted review of Alliance on my blog (will get it to Goodreads and Amazon by the weekend), I have book three but it has to wait for a few review audios in my queue. Thanks for the great entertainment. I love Ean and the Lines!

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