Book news

Book news

This is just a quick update.Β  We haven’t given a progress report for a while.

  • Alliance, book two of the Linesman series, has been out in the wild since late February. It’s been well received so far
  • Linesman has gone back for reprints, which is nice
  • Confluence, book three of the Linesman series, has been accepted for publication*. We’re expecting copy edits back in a month
  • We got the final artwork for Confluence early last month, so we’ve been spreading the cover picture around a bit

This means we’ve finished the trilogy we were contracted to do. We don’t know what happens next. That’s with our agent.

Until that decision we’re happily writing a new story about [can’t tell, spoilers]. It’s space opera. Lots of action. A little bit of fun [we hope].Β  Characters we love.

We’ll see.

* You get three payments for a book. The first is on signing, the last is on publication, and the middle one is what they call delivery and acceptance. This means your editor has finished with any edits she wants for the book and deems it ready to pass on for publication. There’s another round of edits after that, copy edits, where the copy editor checks spelling and grammar, and whether what you wrote works in with the earlier books.

8 replies on “Book news”

The new space opera? We don’t know. It hasn’t been sold yet. (So that’s a tiny hurdle to overcome. πŸ™‚ ) We have our fingers crossed. (Maybe toes, too.)

I bet the new space opera is fantastic and will have no problem selling after the huge buzz that Linesman and this series has had. Have fun writing. Can’t wait to see it! And Confluence!

Absolutely love Linesmen and Alliance. Have reread them many times. Donated copies to the local library to build up their non-existent SF/Fantasy section. Did not realize it was only a trilogy. My bad. Looking forward to Confluence and any other novels you write. That’s a hint to keep writing!

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