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Still relaxing

I’m sitting in a bar on deck eleven. Behind me, two women have a private dance class.  They’re dancing to Footloose.  I’m not even watching. I’m sitting, facing a full window.  There’s a little patch of grass outside. I can’t determine if it’s real or fake.  It looks real, but I cannot possibly see how…

Movie time

Our local shopping centre is in a permanent state of expansion.  They finish one extension, and then start on the next. Or that’s what it feels like, anyway. They recently opened a new section and hooray,  our movie theatre is back. Naturally, we tried it out. Nice theatre. Reclining seats and all.  Everything’s classy and…

Quiz: What alien am I?

We haven’t had a quiz for a while, so here are five aliens from books for you to identify. Some of them are a little obscure, but they’re all from books we have in our library. And no, it doesn’t include any aliens from Alien. Or ET. Alien One My people (a whole ship of…

Still on holiday

So we’re still on holiday, visiting our mother, who lives in North East Victoria. It’s lovely and green up there right now. (And pretty cold, too.) It’s beautiful. In four to six months all that green will be brown.  If there’s any grass left it will be tinder-dry. Or there won’t be any grass at…

Star Trek Beyond

We’re in the middle of writing our next book.  (And by middle, I mean middle.  We’ve hovered between 68,000 and 70,000 words for two weeks now. Working hard, but the rewrites. 🙂 ) It’s been quite relaxing. No deadlines yet. We’ve had time to do other things, like go to the movies.  There have been…

It’s Eurovision again … already

This year has gone so fast.  it’s May already, and that means Eurovision time. Like many Australians, we have watched the Eurovision for many years. Back then we took the British telecast and Terry Wogan’s droll comments were part of the entertainment.  (Not sure he’d be allowed to comment that way any more, and I…

Cherryh: Which character am I – answers

Last week you were supposed to get the results of the Cherryh quiz, but we took a break to pay tribute to a great musician.

After I posted the EssGee Productions clip from Pirates of Penzance, I went back and watched the rest of the production on YouTube. It’s well done, and has some supremely talented comedians and comedic timing. All week I’ve had Frederick’s song, Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast running through my head:

Oh is there not one maiden here
Whose homely face and bad complexion,
Have caused all hope to disappear
Of ever winning man’s affection

if you will cast your eyes on me
However plain you’ll be, I’ll love you

Frederick does lack social skills.

Gilbert and Sullivan.  Very clever, very catchy.

But, back to the quiz.  If you haven’t answered it yet, check out the questions here first.  Come back when you think you know the answers.

What cat am I?

It’s time for a new quiz So far this week it’s been all about our book.  It’s time to talk about other people’s books, and to have some fun. Andre Norton wrote a lot about cats, and the internet is filled with them. (Cats, we mean, not Andre Norton, although it is pleasing to see…