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Triggering the memories

Sherylyn and I sat down the other night and planned six months’ worth of blogs we could write. Some of the ideas were truly interesting.  We know they were. Except … We didn’t write them down, and six days later the memories are gone. Some of them will come back over time, but right now…

Adventures with Microsoft (episode 294)

I failed the Apple quiz.

But then, I’m not really an Apple fan, although I do like the iPad as an eReader. I’m a Microsoft user from way back. Sometimes I think I’m the only person in the world who likes their products, but Word is still my favourite word processor by a long way.

I’ve been using Office 365 ever since it was introduced, and it took a while but I really got to like OneDrive.

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud service, where you can store files online and access them anywhere you have access to the internet. Think DropBox or Google Drive.

It’s fabulous when you’re writing together, because both authors can work on the same manuscript at the same time. It’s especially ideal when you’re fine-tuning the story in those last weeks before sending the finished product away, or when you get the edited version back and want to work through the edits together.

Plus, it stores an off-line copy of the document you are working on, and synchronises it when you’re back on line.

It had some weird habits, like sometimes reinserting deleted text, so you’d get sections with duplicates, and some other strange stuff, but in general, it worked well.

Best of all, both Sherylyn and I can link to the same OneDrive files no matter which computer we are using.

Along came Windows 10

Word’s latest weirdness

Or not so much Word, but Microsoft’s cloud, aka OneDrive. Revisions. We keep our files on OneDrive, so we can both edit the file and, theoretically, when the one person opens the document they can see what changes the other has made. It’s working a lot better than it used to. Microsoft seems to have…

Reading aloud in Microsoft Word

We read our stories aloud, and can’t recommend it enough to other writers. No matter how many times you read something on the screen, you will always pick up extra problems reading aloud. Awkward sentence construction, words that don’t fit, repetitive sentences and other issues. Even so, we still read what we expect to read,…

The latest strangeness from Office 365

Microsoft’s OneDrive isn’t perfect yet. The latest strangeness? Double-pinning and sometimes triple-pinning. It started happening a few days ago, and it started happening on all four PCs (both desktops and both laptops) on the same day. The url under each filename is slightly different, but it points to the same file. I can open one,…

Problems in the cloud

Microsoft, Microsoft, what have you done to us? I add comments to a document on my local (c:) drive. The comments are fine, attributed to me. I add comments to a document on my One Drive. The comments are fine, attributed to me. Sherylyn adds comments to a document on her local drive. The comments…

Word vs Scrivener

Word and Scrivener are not the same. They are both writing tools that will help you craft novels. They produce a similar end result. A novel. Scrivener is a content generation tool for writers. Word is a word processor. Scrivener started out as a Mac program, Word as a Windows program, so users used to…