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Clothes for writing in

The first time we attempted NaNoWriMo both Sherylyn and I went out and bought ‘writing pants’. Sherylyn bought a pair of soft, cotton jersey trousers with an elasticised waist. They were grey, with a pink pattern, and they’ll double as spare pyjama pants any time. Me, I was more practical (I thought). I bought a pair of light, three-quarter length cotton trousers.

They were cheap, and the idea was to wear them over November while we did our writing sprints.

Mine lasted about three days. They had a zip and a button at the front and were not at all comfortable for sitting in for long periods. As for Sherylyn’s, she still puts them on occasionally when she’s writing because they are so, so comfortable.

We call them her Jorry pants, because that year she wrote Hero’s Apprentice, and the point-of-view character was a boy called Jorry.

Today, I got my own pair of Jorry pants.

These pants are not flattering. But Jorry pants aren’t meant to be. The trousers come just above the ankles. They’re patterned and they have an elasticised waist. When I put them on it’s like looking in one of those fun-fair mirrors that squash you up and make you look fatter than you are, and I’m not exactly svelte in the first place.

But, oh, so comfortable.

I’m ready to write.

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