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Do you want to win a copy of Alliance?

Nineteen days to Christmas.  That came up fast.

Christmas in Australia is hot, as you can see by the photo we’ve put at the top of the blog. Except, you’d never see a beach that quiet at Christmas.

A lot of families sit down to roast turkey, ham and roast vegetables. Just as many sit around a barbeque out the back. Each family brings their own plate—salad, cold chicken, seafood or dessert—and puts it onto the table.  Our family has always been a byo plate type. (But without the seafood, as half of them are allergic to seafood. Sherylyn’s one of them.)

The kids run around the back yard while the parents talk.  Everyone plays cricket if the yard is big enough. Some retire after that for a snooze, or to curl up with a good book.

The following day it’s the Boxing Day sales, blockbuster movies and test cricket.

Post a reply here, or on Twitter, or on Facebook. But please, make sure you have the right post.
Post a reply here, or on Twitter, or on Facebook. But please, make sure you have the right post.

If you want the chance to curl up with a good book, we’re giving away one ARC* of Alliance, the second book in the Linesman series.  Add a comment here, below this blog post, or post a reply on Twitter to our tweet about the giveaway, or comment on the Facebook post.

Note, you need to reply or comment to the specific post that mentions the giveaway. The one with the green image, with the red writing on top. Comments on other posts/tweets won’t be included.

It’s open to anywhere in the world.  Winner will be randomly selected.   Entries close midnight Thursday 10th December Australian Eastern Summer time.  (That’s 8am Thursday in New York and 1pm in London.

* The ARC is an Advanced Reader’s Copy. It’s typeset, but hasn’t had the final proofread yet.  There are still typos. Not many, but a few.

11 replies on “Do you want to win a copy of Alliance?”

Pick me, pick me! I don’t know if I can wait until February to read Alliance. Reading the ARC would be an AWESOME Christmas gift…

I’m game. I pre-ordered the book on Amazon but would love to have an advance copy. I also think we should consider Australia as a place to go for Christmas and our anniversary (Dec 31). Then maybe stick around for the Australian Open.

I’m so glad I checked back! I heard about Linesman on Ilona Andrews’ blog and it was one of the best books I read last year, I loved it SO much. I can’t wait to read Alliance!

Oooh! I also bought it because Ilona Andrews was raving about it on her blog (and I needed a vacation read…read it all the way through much to everyone’s annoyance! lol!).

Also…is it going to wrap as a trilogy or be longer (please, oh, please be longer!)?

I too read it because of Illona Andrews blog. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for Alliance. I got a couple of friends to read it and got them hooked too.

Ooooh, yes please! I’m so glad this is open worldwide! Also, thanks for the reminder to go make sure I’ve preordered it…

We have a winner. Congratulations, Spencer.

Spencer, you should receive an email from us soon asking where to send the book.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and for the comments. We wanted to give you all a book. 🙂

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