Writing process

A look back at how our writing has changed since starting this blog

Because we were worried that our database may have been hacked, when I reinstated this blog I went through each post, got the text-only version, read it to ensure there were no nasty surprises hidden within, and reposted.

One of the things that was fascinating to see was how much both Sherylyn’s and my writing has changed in the five years since this post has been going.

The way we write together has changed.

Five years ago we each wrote a separate first draft, then relied on the other to tighten continuity and add colour and emotion in the second draft.

We still both do our own first draft. I don’t think that’s likely to change. Each of us has different ideas that we’re prepared to carry through a whole novel. It’s what happens afterwards that is different.

I still occasionally re-write parts of Sherylyn’s first drafts, but mostly now I tell her what is not working and she does the initial rewrite herself. As for me, I do more writing and rewriting, and I add a lot more emotion myself than I used to, but I rely more on Sherylyn to tell me whether the story is on track as I’m writing it. If she tells me I’m diverging away from the story then I’ll rewrite it as part of that initial draft.

What it means for both of us is that we have effectively cut out the second draft altogether, incorporating much of it into the first. It’s made for speedier writing, although it still takes six months to get that first draft down. It has also made for better writing.

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