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Leveling up as a writer

Leveling up in computer games is a process whereby a character gains enough points or experience to unlock a whole new level in the game.

Writers level up too.  The first time they finish a book, the first time they learn to take critiques properly, when they learn that writing is not just writing, it’s rewriting.

Here’s a fun diagram of a writer leveling up.  We’ve made some assumptions.

  • The writer is going the trad pub route, and they get an agent first, who then sells their book to an editor
  • Both editor and agent are legitimate and doing their best to sell/make the book as good as it can be. That is, the writer isn’t caught up by scammers.
  • A lot of these things loop. You can keep going around and around in circles, but we’re only doing it the once.


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I knew it wasn’t easy to get published but there are so many things you have to do outside of producing a good story that I never thought as something which was quite so difficult (like getting an Agent)!

Good on you both for levelling up 😃


It’s a lot like a computer game, too, in that you that the only way you’ll level up is to simply keep playing. Eventually you get there.

The interesting thing about leveling up as a writer is how you level up. Or for me, anyway. Often it takes time. For example, for your first few stories, you show it to people, expecting praise. (At least, I did.) Then one day, after you’ve been away from it for a while, you re-read it and suddenly realize, “Oh my goodness, this is awful. Quick, rewrite.”

Or learning to take critiques. Hard as anything. Then one day, after some time away from the critique, you look at it and think, “Yes, that person is making a valid point.”

You get faster, but it takes practise.

Again, like a computer game.

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