Sadly, not where I am, but where I’d like to be. We’re stuck at home, it’s winter, cold. I’d rather be somewhere warm, near a pool.

So we’re back in lockdown. Not such a trial for us, as it’s pretty much same-old, same-old. I feel for  those who can’t work, like the casual workers, and small businesses, especially without the safety net of JobKeeper. What’s scary is that it only took one person and an out-of-state quarantine muck-up, and suddenly 85 people are infected. This virus moves fast.

I have to say that JobKeeper was good for those who couldn’t work during the big lockdowns, but outside of that the Federal Government has been mostly missing in action for the whole pandemic. Sometimes I seriously can’t tell if they’re simply incompetent, or if it’s because our PM, who is waiting for the Rapture, thinks this pestilence is part of The End and is letting everything go as a result. So glad for the state governments right now.

Until the lockdown I had been going in to the office to work two days a week, and for the first time in a year I’ve taken the train. What is it with the younger men? It’s compulsory to wear a face mask on the train. All the women do, the older men do, but few of the youths and men up to their thirties. Is it a macho thing? Do they think they’re immune?

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I’ve still not made it back to the office. Some of my larger team have gone in but my manager is of the opinion what’s the point when you’re going to do online meetings which could just as easily be done from home since the office occupancy is still very low. I’m happy not to have the commute but miss the social.

Totally agree it’s the social I miss, and certainly not the commute. As for online meetings, my home office is set up better than at work for online. It’s always ten minutes to get the tech working at work. As for combined meetings — some people online, some at the office. Just, no. It doesn’t work as well as all office or all home.

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