Port Lincoln

As part of our year of travel (two years really, because it’s 2023/2024, and it’s mostly, but not all, cruising), we’re in Port Lincoln, South Australia today. It’s the first time we’ve been here. Port Lincoln is famous for it’s tuna fishing, but coming into the port the standout is the massive silo elevator that loads wheat onto the ships. We are on deck eleven (equivalent to the eleventh floor in a building) and the elevator still towers above us. Walking down the pier, which is 500 metres long–that’s right, half a kilometre–in front of you are massive wheat silos. And I mean massive. There are fishing boats, too, big ones, but the silos made me very conscious that we’re also in wheat country and not only that we are also just on the edge of the Nullabor plain.

The Australian sun is harsh. I wasn’t out in it for long, but my face got a little sunburned. Which would be fine, except my hair at the minute covers one side of my face, so right now I’ve two-thirds of a pink face, with one side that’s still white. 🙂

There’s no photo today. At least, not for the moment. I’ll see if I can add one later (maybe even a stock photo, if one exists), because the harbour at Port Lincoln is amazing, and bigger than Sydney Harbour. I have an iPhone (on which I take photos), an iPad and a PC (on which I write the blogs), but no matter how I test my tech at home and they work perfectly together, as soon as I’m on the road they stop talking to each together.

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