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We survived pub day

Amazing nature

Let no one tell you that the internet is a waste of time.  You learn things on the internet. The other day on Twitter @rainbow1973 posted an image of a rainbow eucalyptus tree.

Rainbow eucalyptus?  Australia is the land of the eucalypt, but I had never heard of them.

It turns out that they’re not native to Australia. Here’s me thinking all eucalypts originated here.  I was wrong.

Rainbow eucalyptus, also known as Mindanao gum or the rainbow gum (I wonder where they got that name) grow in warm, tropical climates and can be found in places like New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines.  They’re the only eucalyptus that grows natively in the northern hemisphere. The image above is of a tree in Hawaii.

Stars Uncharted is finally out

Publication day has come and gone. It seemed to go well, and we had wonderful marketing for it. Things are quieting down now. We hope those of you who bought the book enjoy it. This has been the most nerve-wracking release since Linesman, in a way, because it’s not a Linesman book.

As promised, we said we’d put interviews up for you. Here are the first few.

Over at SyFy Wire we talk about writing together, world building, and media that influenced us when writing Stars Uncharted.

On Jean Book Nerd we talk about inspirations for developing Nika and Josune, and some influences/turning points in our lives.

One thing I did notice, my IT background crossed over and I didn’t even realise.  Before ‘publication’ day I kept calling it release day, and I have trained Sherylyn to say ‘release’ as well.  I have learned.  Next time I’ll do better.

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