A bag of holding

If this fantasy character had a bag of holding he wouldn’t need to carry all those bags. Much more comfortable. Image by Charles, from Adobe Stock Images.

We’re travelling at the moment, driving up the east coast of Australia. We started in Melbourne on a cold ten degree Celsius day. Now we’re at the Queensland border and it’s a lovely sunny twenty-six degrees.

It’s always hard to pack for weather extremes. Not that this is really extreme, but one is jumper weather, the other is t-shirt weather, and winter gear always takes up more room than summer. Luckily we’ve got the car.

I want a bag of holding to hold all my clothes. That is, a bag that holds more on the outside than on the inside, and that doesn’t weigh much at all. Good bags of holding can be as small as a ring, or larger, like a backpack. They can hold anything from a large box of goods to a room full, or more.

Wouldn’t it be amazing for travelling overseas. (Although, I do believe that authorities can look with suspicion on travellers carrying too little luggage. Maybe a light suitcase for any overseas trips. 😊)

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When you figure out how to get a bag of holding, please share. I’d like one to carry my library books or my groceries (if it’s insulated, that would be better yet for ice cream and the like).

Safe travels, Karen!

Safe travels! My fav story about a bag of holding was an article where the author asked many dungeon masters about their favorite stories of some item that they did not expect that broke their session. One told the story about a treasure of a bag of holding that only could contain glitter but that it produced unlimited amounts of it. It was supposed to be a throw away “prize” instead, the player broke the game with it. In a fight that you can’t win, throw glitter repeatedly in their face to blind them; cannot see the invisible people? throw water around and then glitter, etc. I loved that story, what a glorious bag of holding.

That’s the beauty of a bag of holding. You put things in and they’re automatically categorized. Then, to take it out, you just say or think about what it is you want and it comes to hand.
Hmm. Maybe I want one for my home wardrobe, too.

If it could hold the contents of one’s wardrobe, perhaps it could be spelled to clean the clothes, too!

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