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A wasted Halloween opportunity

I went to see the ophthalmologist today, got another injection in my eye.  It sounds worse than it is. Modern medicine is wonderful.  Except for a few hours discomfort while the pupil dilation goes down (from the tests they run prior) and a slightly aching eyeball for a day, it’s quite painless, really.

The results, however, can be spectacular.  Sometimes the eye gets very, very, bloodshot. 

It’s not the injection that causes this, but that sometimes the needle breaks a blood vessel on the surface of the eye and it bleeds. Your eyeball is red for up to two weeks afterwards.

Other times you can’t even tell an injection has been done.

The thing is, I can’t see it.  Other people can. They’ll be talking to you, look you in the eye, and say things like, “Are you all right?” or “Oh my god, what happened to your eye?”

I’m going to have to change my appointments, however.

Here in Australia we never used to celebrate Halloween, but lately it’s become a thing, and some houses go all out.  I’m missing an opportunity .

Imagine if I get my eye done just before Halloween.  My eye is red.  Maybe I’ll put a patch over the other eye, then tie a torch to a magnifying glass, and hold it up to my face when I answer the door. Is that scary enough?

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