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Analysis of book-discovering behaviour this month

Once upon a time I religiously read every single Fiction Affliction over at Tor Books, along with other sites that list new SFF books coming out.

Today I noticed myself skimming past the listed books, interested only in the titles. If a title appealed, I’d read more, otherwise I’d skip it. I also skipped books that were second or more in a series.

I didn’t find any titles that appealed, so I went back and started reading more. I got through a couple of lines of each book at most before I moved on.

I think it’s seasonal. As the weather turns hotter I tend to read less at the computer.

But it did make me think about where I’m getting my book recommendations currently. I’m getting them from:

  • Locus magazine—skimming some of the reviews in my December issue of Locus
  • The Big Idea over at John Scalzi’s blog
  • Plus the occasional author site that I run across as a link

And that’s about it.

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