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What cat am I?

It’s time for a new quiz

So far this week it’s been all about our book.  It’s time to talk about other people’s books, and to have some fun.

Andre Norton wrote a lot about cats, and the internet is filled with them. (Cats, we mean, not Andre Norton, although it is pleasing to see there seems to be a lot more around about Andre just recently.)  So, it’s a perfectly good subject to write about.

While we don’t have cats in our book, we have read lots of books with cats in them.

And not just cats, people who look like cats, people who are named for cats — anything’s fair here.

Because cats are so popular you get a double dose today. Ten questions instead of five.

The question is, as always … What book am I reading?

  1. I was a fiddle, turned into a cat using someone’s life
  2. I was nearly left behind at the cat shelter, but I now live in a magical inn
  3. I join forces with a human who travels into the unknown in a test for survival
  4. I have strong opinions which I am always willing to voice. I also have a keeper. Or rather, the keeper has me. Whatever
  5. A plague is ravaging our planet and killing us all. The cure may be in a song
  6. I earned my name from my green eyes with slitted pupils. I can see in the dark
  7. Get off my tail or I’ll smother you in your sleep
  8. All the dogs in the neighborhood are scared of me. I send them running
  9. My son, Morgan, loved being a kitten. When we got turned back into humans he was most upset
  10. I have razor sharp claws. I travel around in a shopping cart wheeled by my owner.


  • One of these books has not yet been published but you have been able to read it on-line
  • There’s a wide reading age range (the widest)
  • One author is here twice.
Fun stuff

May means Eurovision song contest

It’s May. Eurovision time.

It’s tradition in our household to sit down on Eurovision finals night and score our own winners. Come 23 May, that’s what we’ll be doing, hoping that we haven’t heard the results beforehand because Australia normally has a delayed telecast.

This year Australia has a contestant. I’m not sure how we managed that. We’re on the other side of the world. But … we’ll judge Guy on the same criteria as we’ll judge the other contestants and see how we go.

Personally, I’m a sucker for power ballads. Give me a song that ends strongly and I’ll vote it high every time. I don’t often pick the winner.

Like most songs, your opinion of them changes the more you hear them. I generally like the winner better second time around.

There are some strong songs this year, and I haven’t heard all the participants yet. My power ballad picks so far are Russia and Greece.


Gut feel, Estonia will go close to winning.


Fun stuff

Answers to last week’s wizardly books

Answers to last week’s quiz.  All of these books had one thing in common. They had wizards in them.

Just in case you come onto the quiz late, I’m not going to put the questions here.   Which sort of defeats the purpose, I know, but go look up the questions if you’re curious.

I have also put the answers below the fold, so if you do want to do the quiz, you won’t accidentally see them.

Fun stuff

What wizard am I?

We haven’t had a quiz in a while, so, what book am I reading if:

  • I was born in Wales; I have a reputation for stealing the souls of young girls.
  • My step-father got carried away by a troll
  • I am the only wizard in the Chicago phone book
  • Benet makes the best biscuits, and he knitted me a scarf
  • I once was grey, now I’m white

These are books with wizards in them.

Answers next week.