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We’ve had some great comments from readers. The occasional one does point out some potential spoilers for the book, so we’ve decided that we’ll move those here, to their own page, where you get a chance to say what you think without giving away plot points to people who haven’t yet read the book.

If you want to comment on anything that might be spoilery, this is the place to do it.

Note that we won’t comment on any spoilers. Or we’ll try not to, anyway, although we may comment on other parts of the comment.

If you haven’t read the books, stay away from this page.

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Hello ladies,
(Wow! Aussies!)
Just finished reading Linesman. Very enjoyable, thank you. I enjoy trying out new authors, so when I saw your book on the Book Depository website, I just had to buy it.

As I’m reading a new author, I try to figure out who, what, where they are. Early on in Linesman, you used ‘got’ where an American would have used ‘gotten’. A bit further on, you used ‘past’ where a Brit would have used ‘passed’. (I could cite other instances, but I’m too lazy.) Anyway, at the end I decided you were female and America. Hey, I was close – female times 2. You being Aussies is just an unexpected bonus because Aussies are (by definition) superior. (Insert smiley face here.)

My only criticism would be the brevity of your action sequences eg: at the end, the good guys storm Confluence Station and kill the baddies. I thought it could have been much more detailed, with Ean put in danger. Nowhere in the book did I feel that he was in any real danger. (Mind you, I really enjoyed the Inda series by Sherwood Smith – fantasy rather than SF, if you haven’t read them – and my only criticism of them was the lack of detail in the sea battles.) (On the other hand, some one like Ian Douglas tends to get bogged down in the details, to the detriment of the story.)

I’ve been reading and enjoying space opera-type stories since way back n the 70’s (yeah, I’m an old fart): C. J. Cherryh, Larry Niven (with and without Pournelle), Jerry Pournelle (with and without Niven) etc etc and more recently Jack Campbell (aka John Hemry) whose books I absolutely love. Bottom line, I’m quite happy to add you ladies to the list.

Did I enjoy Linesman? Hell, yes.
Will I recommend you to other SF readers? Hell, yes.

I look forward to reading Alliance.

All the best for the future (no pun intended).

Have a great day!

Thanks Troy

Glad you liked the book.

I expect if you read the draft before we changed to US spelling, you’d have gone for British instead.

We’re honoured (Australian spelling 🙂 ) to be on the same list as those others you mention.

Not quite random naming. More desperation. We needed names and just happened to be passing through Burnley station when we needed it. You’ll find a lot of random Melbourne station names throughout the books. 🙂

Lancia? That one was a long time ago, but it might have more to do with Lancashire. ‘Lancastrian’ was always such a good word.

I have to say, when you start writing, making up names seems so easy, but there are times when you have dry spells. Then you take them from whatever is close by. In our new book we’ve grabbed Eaglehawk from the bottle of wine we were drinking at dinner as we were discussing the company name.

I just finished rereading Confluence. I really enjoyed it the second time too.
Will there be more in this series/ world? That would be great

Thanks, Heather. Glad you enjoyed it.

Will there be more? Yes, we plan to write more. We have another series planned about what happens when the aliens arrive.

Having said that, however, writing the books is only part of it. We also have to sell them (or our agent does, anyway), and that depends on a whole lot of factors–some in our control, some out of it. We’ll control what we can, and hope for the best.

Our next two books are not set in the Linesman’s universe.


In the middle of Confluence. Great Sci-Fi, this is an amazing story. And a thought occurred to me, this is readily shareable with almost anyone. Easily a book/series I can recommend to young adults and up who really enjoy good writing and story work.
Thank you.

I’d been hanging out for a new Linesman book and I see we won’t be getting one for awhile Wow. Really enjoyed the three that are out now and have read them a couple of times and re-done them all in audio. Great series look forward to more from Ean and Co. Thanks

Read and re-read all three books…own all three and wish there was another in the series! Would love to get a peek at what the “aliens” would do if they came across our Ean, Radko and team and whether their human connection to the lines is better/stronger than what the aliens had previously. Would those aliens be able to wrest back control of their ships? What about those stuck in the void? Is there a trigger to release them that the alien lines have yet to reveal to the New Alliance and Ean? What would the reunion of those re-animated people entail? Conflict? Confusion? Insanity? Would Ean think it a good idea to bring back those stuck in “stasis” if (to them) time has been eternal and maddening? And if the alien lines can be corrupted to trap one in the void, is it a form of suicide for the lines (why else be or all to be corrupted)? Would humans further fear the alien lines as a result and a new rift appear in the New Alliance?? AARRRGGGHHHH!! 🙂

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