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Confluence – $1.99 at all good e-tailers

Right now, Confluence is $1.99 at all good e-tailers.

As an added bonus, Linesman is $2.99. This means that if you wish, all three books in the series are available for a grand total of $10.97.

As one of our famous music ambassadors here in Australia used to say when he was spruiking new releases, “Do yourself a favour.”

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4 replies on “Confluence – $1.99 at all good e-tailers”

I don’t need a second copy, I don’t need a second copy…. but … well hey this way I don’t have to wait to re-read as my Sib has my paper copy right now…. Sold. Love this series.

Got all three, need a fourth because the others a looking a bit lonely or is it, Two company, Three’s a Crowd 🙂

What can we say Arthur, but … you ask, we provide. New book coming in August. (It won’t match, not a Linesman book, slightly different size, but hey, let’s not totally conform. :-))

Happy to hear you have all three.

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