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Confluence is now available

2 Dec. Updated to include later links.

Today has been crazy with non-book related issues. So much so that I nearly didn’t write this blog.

Confluence, book three in the Linesman series was released yesterday for us, today for some of you in later time zones.

So far, people have said nice things about it.  Which is a relief, because no matter how much you, the author(s), might like a book, the real test is in what other people think of it.

We’ve tweeted a lot.  (Authors tend to do that around publication day. Surprise.)

We’ve also been featured on some blogs.

To date:

  • SFF World, asking how you know if your side is the right side in a war. Which, let’s face it, most of us don’t. In the Linesman books, we naturally side with the New Alliance, because Ean does. But how do we know it’s the side that should win
  • Plus we’re over on Unbound Worlds talking about why we like space opera
  • Over at the Book Nympho where Anne reviews the book, and hosts our article about music in the Linesman series
  • And we did an author interview over at MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape. where we talk about writing the series, and give a little hint of what’s to come next.

A number of people have asked when the audio version will be available.  Recorded Books plans to record it some time this week.  We don’t know when it will become available on Audible.  (Funnily enough, we do know when the CDs come out, but they always come months later.)

Meantime, if you’re reading Conflunce, we hope you enjoy it.

8 replies on “Confluence is now available”

Chapter 13 nearly half way through, if only I didn’t have to work!! This book feels more fast paced and enjoying it immensely. Think I can make a good dent in it tonight.
Great Series and Great addition to it (what I’ve read! lol)

I’ve now finished this most excellent book! Feels like it needs a 4th book to continue the story? (hint hint)

Looking forward to whatever comes next (fingers crossed you have a deal already so don’t have to wait long).

Thanks for this wonderful series I really enjoyed what I’ve read.

Thank you so much for this book… and like any true addict I am waiting for my next fix in your extraordinary reality. As I know I will have to wait for the next snippet I am off to re-read all three books once again.

I devoured this book and I have re-read the ending about four times now. It is a really good conclusion to this story arc and I am excited to find out what happens later in other books.

I am looking forward to your next novel even though it’s completely different. You both have a amazing talent and I applaud you.

Just finished Confluence. Just as good as the previous books! Keep up the good work, and when can we please have more?

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