Fitness during COVID-19

Getting fit with Ring Fit

COVID-19 update

How is your version of the pandemic going?

Here in Victoria we are now officially in a state of disaster. We’re in lockdown for six weeks. We can buy food (maximum of once per day), go out for medical or care purposes, and for one hour of exercise. Oh, and we have a curfew.

What’s the first thing many did? They went to the supermarket and bought the toilet paper and staples.

This is the third time! You’d think people would have learned by now. Although some have, because the queues to the liquor stores were easily as long as those to the supermarket. 😊

I admit to being surprised at the number of people who are convinced the whole coronavirus thing is a hoax. Sensible people I expected to be more logical about it. Seemingly smart people who buy into conspiracy theories and government plots and other way-out things. Including the number of people who are convinced that the laws don’t apply to them.

We’ve both been working from home six months. It’s life now. We’re still working, at least. I am working longer hours than ever, sometimes on the weekends as well, which is why there was no blog last week.

But … we are exercising more.

One of the problems we had was that due to work commitments we found it hard to get out during the day, and by night it was dark. It’s not so much fun walking in the dark in winter, and now we have the curfew, too. Some days we didn’t even walk as far as the shop (which is next door to our house). We ended up buying a Ring Fit (and a Nintendo to play it on), and we’ve exercised solidly for the last two weeks. It takes a lot more time out of the day, but it’s fun, and we’re stretching our muscles.

Right now it’s totally ow, ow, ow after each session (and the next day, too), but it’s working better than going for walks.

But this wasn’t supposed to be a blog about COVID-19, even though it’s turning into one. At least historians and anthropologists will have plenty of information online when they’re researching the impact of COVID-19. (For the historical records my thoughts/emotions currently veer between “I can’t believe how many gullible, selfish people are out there”, and just plain exhaustion.)

The newsletter is late

That same exhaustion has delayed our July newsletter, which is half completed and has been for a month. It should go out in the next day or so.

Still, on the positive side, if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter and do now, you’ll get two in a row. The initial welcome letter, and this one. 😊

I’m off to do some Ring Fit.

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