Holidays without internet

We’re on holiday at the moment. I planned to post weekly, but miscalculated on internet availability.

I’ll sort something soon.

Meantime, above is the view from my current writing desk. It’s a balmy 27 degrees Celsius, and there’s a delightful small breeze.

Tough times.

The writing’s going well.

3 replies on “Holidays without internet”

Oh, that’s great, so glad you’re getting a break! I hope the spotty internet is/was a source of reduced pressure (“oh, darn, no internet, can’t do a blog post, guess I’ll just go enjoy some more sunshine on the deck, oh woe is me”) and not a source of added pressure!

It was quite freeing, actually. The internet took a few days to sort out but after that I had some self-introduced technical issues. It’s so long since I have done a lot of travel that I’d forgotten some of the basics I do before I go. No doubt I’ll get back to it.

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