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If you’re an Australian writer who wants to sell in Australia

Is it just me, or is this the best time in years if you’re an Australian author and want to publish traditionally?

Back when we first started trying to sell our stories the major publishers weren’t open to non-agented submissions, they’d only deal with agents. As for agents, there only a handful and most of them had closed their books to new clients.

Nowadays, there seem to be a lot more agencies, and more of them are actively looking for new clients, although that seems to be swinging back the other way at the moment.

In Australia, having an agent is a choice not a necessity. Approximately 60% of books published in Australia are not represented by an agent, and many publishers have avenues available for manuscripts to be submitted directly by authors. Although having an agent will increase your manuscript’s chance of being meaningfully considered, it is not the only avenue.
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Every major publisher now has a weekly or monthly slot where you can submit your story direct to the publisher. (Thank you, Louise Thurtell.) We have:

Plus there are some good, big prizes that can lead to publication as well.

And that’s all before you even start looking overseas.

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