Writing process

Impressions of editing

The first round of edits are back with our editor. Like most writers, there were periods of panic and calm.

Here’s a mini diary of the last month of writing.

Before the edits arrive

We’re seesawing between

  • We hope she sends them soon, otherwise we won’t have time to do them
  • We hope she doesn’t send them yet, the next book’s going well, we’re on a roll and don’t want to be interrupted.

When the edits arrive

As the days go by

  • There are so many changes, we’ll never get through them in the time
  • It’s not so bad, we can do it
  • We’ll race through the inline edits in a week, which will give us plenty of time for the big picture stuff (do other writers do the big-picture stuff first?)
  • Argh. Three weeks in and we’re only three quarters of the way through the inline edits. We’ll never make it
  • That wasn’t so bad. Last chapter. Now to go back and see if we’ve covered everything off
  • Nearly deadline, and all those yellow highlighted ‘to-do’s’ still to do
  • I know, I know. We need to fix this but the editor hasn’t marked it, so do we have to?
  • I can’t read this book any more. I am so over it
  • You know, this book is much better than it was
  • One last read-through
  • I’m not going to look any more. If we find another typo I’ll scream.

At last, it’s away

  • It’s done. That was hard work
  • We really should go back to the next book
  • Yes, but let’s go out and celebrate first.
  • We go out to dinner and hardly talk all night, we’re so drained.

A few days later

One of us picks opens the story and flicks through it

  • We didn’t fix the issue on page 47
  • We’ll do in the next round of edits. Meantime, we’ve got a massive plot hole here in book two. How do we fix that?

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