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In these days of search, sometimes browsing works better

CAE_ShortCourseGuideI was looking for a short course. Something creative to break the monotony of the work, writing, sleep cycle. Work had quietened down; I could afford one night off for a few weeks.

One of the biggest providers of short courses in my hometown is the CAE which is, in its own words, ‘responsible for the provision of a range of basic and general education programs to adults’.

They have an excellent website. The courses are laid out by type or you can search for them.

I went through the courses.

I couldn’t find anything that interested me.

I don’t know why I clicked on the PDF version. I think it was an accident. After all, the link is on the same page.

I glanced through it.

I found a course I’d like to do. And another. And another.

It was exactly the same information I had been looking at before, just presented a different way. I could graze what was on offer. I found courses I didn’t even think to look up. Chocolate tour, anyone? Or maybe learn some coffee art?

Even the creative courses that had seemed so boring before were more interesting.

I’m not sure why the layout and media made such a difference, but it did.

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