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Library talk

On Wednesday night we did a talk at Balwyn library.  The talk was part of their “New and Emerging Author” series, where they support and introduce readers to debut authors.

It was a really great night.

We had a small group, which made it comfortable and non-intimidating and the audience was great with their comments and questions—both during the talk itself and afterwards over tea and cakes.

The moderator, librarian Fiona Malcolm, was excellent.  Everything you want a good moderator to be.  She read the book beforehand—she reads every book-talk author’s book—which was nice, because she doesn’t normally read science fiction.

Fiona asked questions, and we answered them.  Because she had read the book, she asked good questions—related to the book, related to co-writing, related to the writer’s journey to publication.

This was our first public appearance as authors and the good moderator, combined with the small but receptive audience, made for a non-stressful evening. It was a good introduction to being public about our book.

Thank you Fiona. Thank you Balwyn Library. And thank you to everyone who came along.

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