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Look, it’s a book

Today we received an advance copy of Alliance.

A book. A real book. It looks good.
A book. A real book. It looks good.

The finished book.  Did the page 99 test, opened it to a page, and started reading. (Except it wasn’t page 99, it was where the book opened naturally.)

It was good. Kept reading.

Very happy.

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Surprisingly jealous lol, have already ordered my copy and can’t wait for it. Have already done my reread of the first book several times before the second one comes out. its great to hear you are already working on the next one.

Really wishing my order would arrive tomorrow, impatiently waiting for drop date….goes off to re-read ‘Linesman’ again

Thanks Jenn and Sam.

I think we’re more nervous about the publication of the second book than we were about the first.

And it’s all tied together with the third book, because we’re sending that to our editor at the start of February.

Really hope you enjoy book two.

We try not to. We both prefer books that have a full story to them, and get really frustrated if a book ends unfinished. It’s not something we ever want to do in our own writing. At least, we’ll try not to.

Having said that, we were surprised when some people said Linesman was obviously part of a series. It was written as a stand-alone novel, and even when we started to plan a series of books set in the universe, they were all initially stand-alone stories about different people. When we signed for a trilogy … we think a trilogy is slightly different in that each book should have its own story, but there has to be an overarching three-book story as well.

Whether or not we succeeded in that? We won’t know until book three.

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