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Music to write your novel by

Music is important to me when I write. It helps set the mood for the story and makes it easier to start writing. It’s part of the routine of writing. I find I write better when I have music to listen to.

It has to be a particular type of music though, and the music is different for each novel. I know one novel I wrote way back when (one of those under the bed, never to see the light of day) was written to a combination of MeatLoaf’s Bat Out of Hell and seemingly the whole Chris de Burgh back catalogue. Another one had a lot of Carmina Burana in it.

Changing the music spoils the mood. No matter how much I think I can listen to something else, I have to introduce new music to the collection gradually, because if it doesn’t fit it spoils the writing flow, and then I have to get back into it.

One of the things I like is when a writer says in the introduction to their novel what music they listened to when they wrote it. Just for fun I thought I might list my own current writing music. This is for two novels —Barrain and Shared Memories, because we’re writing different drafts of these at the same time.

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