Progress report

Novel progress report

We are now a quarter of the way through the novel, and this weekend finished our first major read-through to ensure we are on track and know where we are going.

The changes we are making to this draft are major, more like a second draft that a third, but that’s writing, I suppose. Unpredictable.

In this sort of read we cover everything from major plot queries:

“I know we said the body was in stasis, but surely it would have started decomposing by now. If it hasn’t, we had better explain it far more clearly than we have.”

to minor things like:

“How many bottles of water? Ten 1.25 litre bottles is heavy. Could you even carry them?”

We will consider these and rewrite them before we add too much more stuff.

This tidying up is important. Little changes here may impact the story later. If we don’t change them now these changes turn out to be major rewrites in the next draft.

Progress overall has been slower than I would like. It has taken almost 12 months to get this far. Let’s hope the next three quarters of the book don’t take anywhere near as long.

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