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Our October newsletter scraped it into October by a bat’s wing (had to use a Halloween reference here) on 31 October.  For we Australians it was 12:30am on All Hallows Eve.  Maybe we should have waited till later in the day, for there’s a mistake in it.

Three mistakes actually and they’re all the same.

The problem with a newsletter is that once you press send, it’s gone. It’s not like a blog, where you can go back in and make corrections.

We mentioned a book in there. Three times. And we got the name wrong every time.

Michael Mammay’s first book wasn’t Planetfall, it was Planetside.

We knew that.

Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader for pointing that out. For anyone else who’s interested in the book, it’s Planetside, no matter what our newsletter says.

Okay.  😊

p.s. It’s a good book, no matter what we called it.

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