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Opinionated about hamburgers

I like the meat to be half this thickness, or even less.

Am I the only person in the world who likes thin hamburgers?

When I was a kid, a hamburger with the lot doubled the size of the bag you got.  The egg and the bacon together easily matched the height of the burger. And you could still get your mouth around the whole thing to take a bite.

Just to be straight, I’m talking the Aussie version of the hamburger here.  A regular hamburger is tomato, lettuce and cheese with a meat pattie—and because it’s Australia, possibly a slice of beetroot too, although I have to admit, I always ask for my burgers without beetroot.  And, sacrilege, I also ask for it without tomato sauce.  How un-Australian can I be?

A burger with the lot is a plain hamburger, with the addition of egg, bacon, cheese and onion. Some people also put a slice of pineapple with it.

The meat patties are growing.  They started out a centimetre, maybe one-and a half centimetres in thickness.  Now they’re creeping up past two, and on to three centimetrs. I can’t even get my mouth around some of them.  Then there’s this trend for putting double, and triple patties into the burger.

I like my burger meat thin enough so I can eat the burger without needing a knife and a fork.

As for the buns they’re served in … don’t get me started.

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British here but yes I agree I like the patties on the thinner side. Always find the bigger ones dry as they need to be cooked longer. Now I fancy a burger!

I have a bias against a really big burger patty, too, though every once in a while it just works. I don’t know about scale, but that burger looks too big for even my big mouth.

In America, the “cheffy” options in burgers are generally “smashed” burgers which are, yes, thin, but usually come with two patties. And always, always have cheese–which I have to say is the way to go. (Most of the craft going into those burgers is perfecting the meat blend, and the cheese blend. Getting a great bun for the burger is tricky, too…usually a terrific bun is ordered daily from a local bakery.) Also here, burgers with an egg are generally treated as breakfast burgers.

Burgers without cheese do exist in America, but, well, I never run into anyone ever ordering them.

I LOVE hamburgers thick or thin although I prefer it on the medium to thick side. I do put cheese on my burger but i know people that order them without cheese for varying reasons. I don’t do the egg on my burger although I know a lot of people like it that way. I would NEVER use a knife and fork to eat a burger unless it didn’t have a bun. It’s right up there with eating pizza with a knife and fork. LOL In my book, it’s meant to be messy and eating it with my hands is part of the experience…..In MY book. Others can vehemently disagree and that’s fine. We can all like our burgers however we like them and it’s all good.

I’m the weirdo here. Due to my allergies I grew up almost never eating out, and continue that way. To me, a hamburger is a patty of lean (as lean as I can get) ground beef, of varying thickness depending on what I was thinking when I divided the three pounds of meat up and made it into patties and froze it, which has been thawed (either by nature or the microwave) and shoved under the broiler until well done, then put on a plate beside some vegetables and eaten with a fork. And now I want one, too, proving the power of imagination.
I loathe cheese and meat together; always have.

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