On writing

Procrastinating about writing

From last year’s BuzzFeed’s 29 Words that mean something totally different when you are a writer

Word 13: #amwriting

What it means: A twitter hashtag used to denote when a writer is sitting down to work on a story.

What it means when you’re a writer: #amtweeting.

Yes folks, today and yesterday, I am procrastinating by surfing the net. I went through three years’ worth of Flogging the Quill judging whether I’d read on past the first page or not. Went back and re-read two years of Query Shark queries. Checked Feedly to see any of the bloggers I read regularly had blogged in the interim. Went back to twitter to see what had been tweeted in the interim.

What that means, writing-wise, is that it’s time for the co-writer to step in.

Hooray for co-writers, and sharing the writing load.

Word 14: Weekend

What it means: A break at the end of the working week used primarily for leisure, typically Saturday and Sunday.

What it means when you’re a writer: Something other people have.

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