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Quiz: What alien am I?


We haven’t had a quiz for a while, so here are five aliens from books for you to identify.

Some of them are a little obscure, but they’re all from books we have in our library.

And no, it doesn’t include any aliens from Alien. Or ET.

Alien One

My people (a whole ship of them) are stranded on a distant planet (Earth) and we want to go home. We have membranous bodies that can’t survive long in the new planet’s atmosphere. We survive by finding hosts to inhabit. Over the millions of years we have been on this world our people have split into two factions. Now we’re at war, and using our human hosts to fight the war for us.

Unfortunately, my last host was betrayed by one of my people who went over to the enemy. I had to find a new host in a hurry.

Alien Two

We begin life as female, become male once our egg-laying years are over and change to something else again at the end of our life.  I am currently male.  I look like an otter crossed with a gecko, but I walk like a six-legged caterpillar.

Alien Three

I like meat—human, my own race—I’ll eat anything. Although, of course, marines do not eat other marines.

My race has prehensile toes so I don’t like boots.

I can hack into any military system.  I am loyal to my staff/gunnery sergeant.

Alien Four

I am the captain of an alien fleet. I am being shot at by humans.  I surrender.

Alien Five

I look like a big pink erector set. My favorite pastime is fining the humans on my planet.  I use the money from the fines to buy umbrellas, field glasses and slot machines.


Answers next week.


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